Spiral to Reality


So I messed up. I’m not perfect. Sue me.

I went in to grab a fantasy book and may have just grabbed one that leans more towards sci-fi. I got too excited and in the moment of feeling for the book’s spine rather than picking numbers this week. However, it seems that after reading some of Matther Hughe’s The Spiral Labyrinth, the book has as many fantasy elements as sci-fi. I’m going to cheat a bit more here and just call it a fantasy novel.

(Also, I had all this great footage filmed and my computer corrupted the files…bad luck the past week.)




Fantastic! Of course. I mean, as my video shows, I did base this week’s selection of feel alone. So of course I got something that felt awesome. This book doesn’t disappoint. Highest of the shelves quality, I felt like I got a great deal here! The book smells fresh off the printer and very firm with a confident hardcover. The colors of the beautiful cover are vibrant. I just want to jump into that image on the front, don’t you?

My only complaint lies in that the cover and first few pages of the book seem to be very, very quote heavy. I couldn’t help but be drawn in to other people’s opinions before I could even begin to develop my own.

That’s a small nitpick though, because the artwork and appeal of this book lead right into the book’s contents itself! It reads classical yet futuristic. The painting on the front feels just the same.


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The Luck is in the Stables


Shelf 2 – Row 8 – Book 30

So, the first spin on the (non-existent) wheel begins! This week, I happened to select the Fantasy genre. After a quick drive up to my local Half-Price Books, I divided up the shelves of the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section and plugged the numbers into my random generator!

That led me to grabbing this week’s fantasy read, The Mountain’s Call by Caitlin Brennan.


My initial thoughts upon grabbing the book had me fighting off a childish smirk. The cover artwork seemed as if this book would be better suited for young girls in love with horses and romance. The cryptic sign at the center of the field assured me this book would have a great share of fantasy, pulling my mind away from any immature bias. The back of the book promises a story full of mystery, predetermination, empires, and secrecy. Alright, might be my kind of fantasy story after all.

The pages were crisp, although a bit yellowed. Like I know everyone does, I put my nose to the book and gave it a whiff. Nice quality on the smell spectrum, I do say. Reminded me of something I could grab off the shelf at my old grandma’s house – gently used but quite furnished.      image4


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