About Me/FAQ

Hello and welcome! My name is Garrett and this is my fun little game about chance and reading!

About me

I’m a college student who loves exploring new books and perusing the isles at Half Price Books. I work as a server and working towards a career in social media PR and web design. I call home Dallas, Texas, and have explored the city quite thoroughly during the 21 years I’ve been around. My favorite book series is Lord of the Rings, and my favorite genre just so happens to be fantasy!

So what’s the point here?

Glad you asked. Since I like books so much, I’ve created a little game of my own to go out and explore my favorite genres.

Cool! How does that work?

Through random selection, I’ll be first picking a genre. Once selected – I’ll travel down to my local Half Price Books and select a book (also random!) from that genre. I’ll then give the book three hours of my undivided attention and report on my first impressions, how likely I am to keep reading it, how it fairs to other books I’ve read in the genre..etc.

What are my rules?

  1. No genre can be chosen more than 3 times in a row.
  2. If I’ve read the book before or have a heavy bias for it, I will select a new book.
  3. No sequels/prequels, it has to be the first book in the series if chosen.

That’s all! I encourage you to play along! Let’s get out there and explore~