Spiral to Reality


So I messed up. I’m not perfect. Sue me.

I went in to grab a fantasy book and may have just grabbed one that leans more towards sci-fi. I got too excited and in the moment of feeling for the book’s spine rather than picking numbers this week. However, it seems that after reading some of Matther Hughe’s The Spiral Labyrinth, the book has as many fantasy elements as sci-fi. I’m going to cheat a bit more here and just call it a fantasy novel.

(Also, I had all this great footage filmed and my computer corrupted the files…bad luck the past week.)




Fantastic! Of course. I mean, as my video shows, I did base this week’s selection of feel alone. So of course I got something that felt awesome. This book doesn’t disappoint. Highest of the shelves quality, I felt like I got a great deal here! The book smells fresh off the printer and very firm with a confident hardcover. The colors of the beautiful cover are vibrant. I just want to jump into that image on the front, don’t you?

My only complaint lies in that the cover and first few pages of the book seem to be very, very quote heavy. I couldn’t help but be drawn in to other people’s opinions before I could even begin to develop my own.

That’s a small nitpick though, because the artwork and appeal of this book lead right into the book’s contents itself! It reads classical yet futuristic. The painting on the front feels just the same.


Remember when I said I messed up? I did it again. Apparently this book is a sequel. So I have to admit I found myself quite confused when characters kept appearing with minimal introduction. I at first despised that and blamed it on the author’s laziness when really, it was my own! No big deal though. A few recap searches and I was back on track.

This book is quirky and a melding of many weird things. However, it all boils down to a simple struggle – magic and logic. Alright, maybe not THAT simple of a struggle. It stars a man named Henghis Hapthorn (Henghis, maybe I’ll name my fist child that). He’s a man built of Holmes-esq logic suddenly transported forward in time, or perhaps an alternate reality, where magic has overcome everything else. Most frustrating to him, Hapthorn despises the fall of logic in this new world.

He attempts to solve a mystery thrust upon him in this society while simultaneously finding out his place in it. Rather than a Watson type partner, Hapthorn finds himself partnered with a hyper intelligent monkey/dog hybrid thing. Not the best description, but I’m not even sure the author knew what he was going for.

From what I read, the story really focuses on his battles with his alter ego and magic. Like I said, quirky. Quirky as hell.


Yes. I changed up my three hour read category. I want to focus more on how the novels I digest apply to the world around me from now on. Hope you won’t mind. 🙂

The most recent book I’ve read, The Spiral Labyrinth  was published in 2008. A time where the social media and technology craze we still find our society in came to light. Matthew Hughe’s story pits the future against the past in a bizarre way. Magic, I mean that’s something totally in the realm of fantasy right? In no way would society become so involved with flashing lights and loud distractions that we would forget basic LOGIC, right?!

Just this week the University of Missouri became the latest victim of media bias. A man hid behind his magical phone screen and spoke of racist threats. These threats magically spread to many of other people, keeping the man anonymous. The news magically began to instantly cover it and blow the thing out of proportions. Of course, this spawned many REAL threats and racist events to occur. But of course, when these real things happened, the media had magically moved on.

It would appear that logic and reason failed here. Perhaps The Spiral Labyrinth takes an incredible idea of a magical future and shows a lot of societies flaws through it. Really brilliant, actually.


Progress Made: 38% (82 pages out of 210)

Cost: $6.99 (Most expensive yet! Damn hardcovers.)

Books initial condition upon purchase – Perfect and fresh!

Any breaks during the three-hour session – Not this time!


The Spiral Labyrinth has a lot of elements that just blend so well together. At times I couldn’t put the book down because I had to read on to the next plot twist. At other, because I couldn’t stop laughing. All the while, a book as bizarre as this still feels oh so relevant!

Likelihood to continue on reading someday: 8/10

Interested in the book yourself, or hungry for more opinions? Check out on Amazon The Spiral Labyrinth


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