A Future, Today


Shelf 3 – Row 3 – Book 7

This week, I landed upon the sci-fi classic Dune by Frank Herbert. This is one I had heard a bit about but never gotten a chance to read it myself! So I’m pretty excited!


This book has aged just fine! Perhaps people just hold the classics in a higher regard? It doesn’t even smell like it had been on someone’s shelf that long. The book is quite firm too. Of course, the spine is a bit worn from some intense reading by the owner before me, but that’s not a big deal!


This book is set in the far future and, like most great sci-fi books, humans have really screwed themselves. They no longer live on Earth alone, but populate a ton of other planets out in the solar system(s?).  Space ships and futuristic technology of course come with the advancement of human kind.

The main character of the book is Paul. He’s a very smart and boring boy brought up into a family of royalty. They are forced by the government to go to a dessert planet to work with the natives there and establish order. After some conspiracies and a lot of set up, the book began to get interesting right towards the end of my read. I’ll save you from the major spoilers because this book is one I highly recommend everyone read, but things do get intense. It just takes a while to get there!


I really enjoyed this book, and I think you will too. If you haven’t already read it! I guess I’m a bit behind the times on this one. It is very clear to see why it’s such a classic. The way society and mankind has developed into a conquering, power hungry society parallels to the present day nicely. I couldn’t help but think of the current 2016 election process that’s already begun in our nation.

Take a look at all the candidates and the strategic way they both defend themselves and attack one another. In Dune, many of Paul’s family has a very different face behind the curtains. He finds his father very kind and generous, yet he rarely has time to spend with Paul. He’s way too busy dealing with political affairs and wearing a face he doesn’t truly own. I think about all the individuals involved with the political race today and how much time they really get to be themselves.

The read went by way to fast this time. I think I’ll go pick it up and continue on reading right after I publish this post! I mean, it talks about giant sand worms and near mind control! I have to get to those parts!


 Progress Made: 44% (180 pages out of 412)

Cost: $2.56

Books initial condition upon purchase – Worn but surprisingly firm.

Any breaks during the three-hour session – Not this time!


Dune reads just fantastic. To avoid getting drawn into the world it presents and the characters stuck in it seems impossible. Frank Herbert paints a picture of a realistic future in an entertaining way!

Likelihood to continue on: 10/10

Interested in the book yourself, or hungry for more opinions? Check out on Amazon Dune


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