The Medicine of Reading

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I love reading. I really do. I also love a lot of other things that like to consume my time. Video games, movies, hanging out with my close friend. I always know that a quick or long read will be waiting for me whenever i need it. Doesn’t matter where I am or how I feel when I grab that book – the text will remain the same and draw me in.

I usually feel a sort of accomplishment after a good reading session. I ALWAYS feel one after finishing a long book I’ve been working on for weeks (See: Lord of the Rings). It made me get to thinking, how exactly does reading seem to grant these sort of pleasurable emotions. Sure, we’re reading a hopefully engaging story. Though at its simplest a book stands to be nothing more than text on a page!

I came across this article on the Wall Street Journal. Go give it a read. It pulls from a lot of various studies since the late 90’s that show the social, academic, and mental abilities of frequent reading. I won’t go into the specifics of the article, cause that’s boring and you can read that on your own, right? We’ve just established that its a good thing, after all!

So why do we find it so difficult to just sit down and make time to read these days? I admit, I don’t read nearly as much as I used to. Those other things I mentioned earlier…tend to give them way more attention than the books. Sometimes the flashes and colors of other forms of entertainment just draw me in. I don’t get the same feelings though that I do while reading. Whenever I feel like I’m in a bad place, I find much more success after reading in improving my emotions. In a happy place? Well reading seems to just heighten those things as well! I really need to work on my habits. I know what works best for me, I just have a hard time getting to do it.

So how often do you read and do you wish you did it more often? Do you feel reward type emotions afterwards? Let me know!


Spiral to Reality


So I messed up. I’m not perfect. Sue me.

I went in to grab a fantasy book and may have just grabbed one that leans more towards sci-fi. I got too excited and in the moment of feeling for the book’s spine rather than picking numbers this week. However, it seems that after reading some of Matther Hughe’s The Spiral Labyrinth, the book has as many fantasy elements as sci-fi. I’m going to cheat a bit more here and just call it a fantasy novel.

(Also, I had all this great footage filmed and my computer corrupted the files…bad luck the past week.)




Fantastic! Of course. I mean, as my video shows, I did base this week’s selection of feel alone. So of course I got something that felt awesome. This book doesn’t disappoint. Highest of the shelves quality, I felt like I got a great deal here! The book smells fresh off the printer and very firm with a confident hardcover. The colors of the beautiful cover are vibrant. I just want to jump into that image on the front, don’t you?

My only complaint lies in that the cover and first few pages of the book seem to be very, very quote heavy. I couldn’t help but be drawn in to other people’s opinions before I could even begin to develop my own.

That’s a small nitpick though, because the artwork and appeal of this book lead right into the book’s contents itself! It reads classical yet futuristic. The painting on the front feels just the same.


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A Future, Today


Shelf 3 – Row 3 – Book 7

This week, I landed upon the sci-fi classic Dune by Frank Herbert. This is one I had heard a bit about but never gotten a chance to read it myself! So I’m pretty excited!


This book has aged just fine! Perhaps people just hold the classics in a higher regard? It doesn’t even smell like it had been on someone’s shelf that long. The book is quite firm too. Of course, the spine is a bit worn from some intense reading by the owner before me, but that’s not a big deal!


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