Audio to Visual and Other Monsters


Quick note before you get too into this: I broke my rules. This isn’t a random pick or a review this week. It’s Halloween time and I wanted to pick Welcome to Night Vale since it just arrived in the mail and smells oh so fresh.

Welcome to Night Vale actually began as a podcast that gained popularity over the past two years. Known for it’s quirky and mysterious material, it tells tales of strange happenings in one town by ways of a radio show. Nothing in the town of Night Vale is normal, and that’s just fine by me.



Beautiful and just how it should be. When this book came in the mail, I took more care opening the cardboard box than I did some recent clothes I got. Honestly, I had pre-ordered this book so long ago I had forgotten about it. Luckily, Amazon reminded me of its arrival just a few days before. The loud knocking of the delivery man woke up half my house (I live with a lot of nappers). I didn’t care though. I ran to the doorstep and grabbed the book with glee.

The book feels surprisingly light for a hardcover. Weight wise, it feels cheap. Like some children’s hardcover once forgotten in the back of a library. That’s the only part about it that does feel poor, however. The print and colors of the books are vibrant. The paper crisp yet slightly worn to not feel too official. It fits the tone of the podcast and universe Welcome to Night Vale has created perfectly…and I haven’t even read a word yet!


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Three Reasons Why You Should Gamble*

*With books.

I’ve only been at this game of mine for three weeks, but I have to share how incredible the experience has been. Here are my top three reasons why you should go out and join me in the game!


When you first pick up a new book – do you not quickly flip through the book and look ahead at what’s to come? Now, I don’t mean reading the last few pages. Just a few seconds glance as the pages dance before your eyes. For now, you’re only on page one. Soon, you’ll be missing the way you felt before you knew what wonders the book you once held ignorance too contained.

When you go and pick some book at random, you truly have NO idea what you’re getting into. Sure, it may turn out for the worse; as it certainly has for me. Though half the fun lies in the fact that the book you choose may be an unsung hero. A book not many know and even fewer love. Something to tell your friends about, brag that you found a treasure simply by chance. I guess you can kind of become a literary hipster in this sense..

Also, reading these books gives you a new appreciation for all the types of styles and vocabulary out there. You may pick up a book three decades old and find it could have been written in 2015…or 1815! Expanding your bookshelf also expands your expertise, and what a fun way to do it this can be!


So perhaps you’re already a book lover, or perhaps not. After three weeks and three books, I’ve only spent about $8. Just two nights ago, I spent $30 on one meal with some friends. I couldn’t help but think about how many books that would get me. How many hours and hours of reading and physical fun it would bring me.

When it comes to entertainment, nothing like a great book truly offers the best dollar per time spent. Not only will you spend hours reading the book itself, but it will stay with you. Whatever you read sticks in your head. The book becomes something to reference, read over and over, or just show off on the bookshelf.

Doing something of this sort really gives a bang for the buck. The books are yours to keep as long as you wish for such a bargain. Hey, and maybe while you’re browsing the shelves you’ll come across another book you’ve already been looking for. Hard to find any better deals than at Half-Price Books honestly! Go ahead and grab it.


So, have I sold you on going out there and getting a random book yet? Good. Now. The real beauty is that you can do whatever you want with this idea. Make your own rules. Don’t make any rules at all. Expand your genres. Stick to only one. Go find books you’ve never heard of, or maybe just ones you have been meaning to get to for a while now.

You can share your experiences with the world or do it only for you. In the end, I can assure you that being creative with something you’re interested in like I am really pays off. It only strengthens your want to get out there and explore, so go do it!

This Book Sucks



Shelf 9 – Row 2 – Book 16


Horror! October! How convenient this is. Three weeks and we’ve had a taste of each of the three categories with no repeats! I wonder who will get the first repeat genre in the end? Man oh man, am I excited though. Not to give any less importance to the other categories, but I had really been looking forward to a horror selection. It had been years since I’ve had a good read that kept me up at night and wanting to keep the lights on! Now…on to my selection…The Hunger by Whitley Strieber.

The Hunger

THIS BOOK IS SO 80’S AND I LOVE IT. –Calm down Garrett-. 

Upon first picking up this book, I couldn’t help but grin. The over saturated, yellow and purple cover just screamed that I would be in for something really, really interesting this time around. My silly demeanor did give way to a bit of disappoint, as I realized I probably wouldn’t be staying awake at night like I had hoped.

Apparently, they made a movie out of The Hunger after its publication. I happened upon a later release with a different cover featuring the actresses and actors. The pages of the book are the yellowest I’ve seen yet, but I guess it melds well with the purple woman on the title. Perhaps it was intentional or perhaps the book just didn’t age well. Speaking of’s time we get to…



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The World’s End and Other Sad Stories



Check out my first video that goes along with this review! Follow me as I select and pick out the book, and give some more details on my reading experience!

Shelf 2 – Row 6 – Book 30 (again!)

This week, I let my dear friend Wesley select my genre. Wesley stared intently for a moment at the three colored balls in front of him, then select sci-fi. Did I mention Wesley was a cat?

After a trip to Half Price Books and some random number selection, I stumbled upon The Glimmering by Elizabeth Hand.



I knew I was in for something interesting upon picking this one off the shelf. I sighed with relief when I saw that the book had a much better looking cover art then last weeks. The deep purple that encompassed the cover drew me in. The outer pages of the book contrasted its cover – a sickly yellow poisoned by exposure and time. I could tell that this book hadn’t been read too heavily (if at all) as its spine seemed like new. I always wonder about a book’s history in cases like these. It looks as if it had been upon someone’s shelf for a very long time without even a glance!

Opening the book revealed very fine text upon its 525 pages. Chapters seemed to take their time as a new one would only come along every thirty pages or so. Not too much at first glance, but with its heavy text I knew that I wouldn’t be making too much progress by the end of my three hours!

The cover art mystified me. Gargoyles, a giant clock, and purple clouds? I had no idea what I had in store. Little did I know that my confusion would only grow from here…


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The Luck is in the Stables


Shelf 2 – Row 8 – Book 30

So, the first spin on the (non-existent) wheel begins! This week, I happened to select the Fantasy genre. After a quick drive up to my local Half-Price Books, I divided up the shelves of the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section and plugged the numbers into my random generator!

That led me to grabbing this week’s fantasy read, The Mountain’s Call by Caitlin Brennan.


My initial thoughts upon grabbing the book had me fighting off a childish smirk. The cover artwork seemed as if this book would be better suited for young girls in love with horses and romance. The cryptic sign at the center of the field assured me this book would have a great share of fantasy, pulling my mind away from any immature bias. The back of the book promises a story full of mystery, predetermination, empires, and secrecy. Alright, might be my kind of fantasy story after all.

The pages were crisp, although a bit yellowed. Like I know everyone does, I put my nose to the book and gave it a whiff. Nice quality on the smell spectrum, I do say. Reminded me of something I could grab off the shelf at my old grandma’s house – gently used but quite furnished.      image4


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